REVEALED: How General Sejusa Negotiated With President Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has cleared the air regarding what led to the return to Uganda from self-imposed exile of Gen David Sejusa. In what was supposed to be a closed meeting between the two at State House Entebbe but which was secretly captured and is now doing the rounds on social media, Museveni revealed that it was indeed Gen Sejusa who send emissaries to the Ugandan leader to ask to be allowed to return home.
Not everybody will be shocked by this revelation as doubted about the real reason for the general’s return have been circulating in London since he left on December 14 last year. But the growing anger surrounding President Museveni’s revelations last night is catching a fierce fire that may take long to extinguish.
In what now appears to have been a major triumph for President Museveni, the Ugandan leader said that the general sent
emissaries to him sometime last year indicating he had had enough of life in exile. The president said Sejusa had even bragged about his riches. “I don’t know how he got rich,” he retorted. He went on to explain that on learning that the general wanted to return home, said he sent three emissaries to him who negotiated his return. Two of these emissaries, a young man and a young woman were present at the State House meeting. He also offered to pay for his return ticket but
the general declined the offer.

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